Jonathan Levi

Sold an Inc. 5,000 Rated eCommerce Company at age 24. Former EO Chapter President. Advisor to 4 Startups. VC Experience. BA @Berkeley, MBA @INSEAD.

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What I Do

I leverage my real-world skills as an accomplished entrepreneur (Inc. 5,000/Successful Exit) to help startups start, grow, and pivot. My real-world skills and insights into branding, business development, and product development position me as a unique board member and an asset during early stages.


I started a niche eCommerce company selling luxury goods out of my parents basement at the age of 16. It was my 4th "company," but the first officially registered business, and the first one that actually succeed. Doubling in sales year-over-year, I grew the company to a multimillion dollar enterprise rated by INC Magazine and written about by author Donna Fenn. During this time, I simultaneously earned a bachelor's degree with honors from UC Berkeley. The company continued to grow into a mainstay of it's market niche, with customers in 97 countries worldwide and over 30,000 customers. The company was successfully sold in April of 2011, shortly after my 24th birthday.

What I'm Looking For

I'm looking to assemble or join an exciting and highly-skilled team, ideally second-timers like myself, who are eager to solve one of the "big" problems online today. I want to focus on problems & opportunities, not on "cool" technology without purpose. Let's do something amazing.

Daniel Recanati
Founder of Rhodium: Investments include @outbrain, @face-com, @hopstop-3 @yotpo @yieldmo @rounds, @zooz @chosen-1 @greensql Reflecting the future