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Houseparty’s mission is to connect people in the most human way possible when they are physically apart. We empower people to have more frequent conversations with the people they care about most, meet new friends, and have fun together.

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What We're Building

Group video chat that allows you to be together when you're not together!

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Jobs at Houseparty

  • Software Engineering Jobs
    San Francisco · Full Time · $120k – $200k · 0.0% – 0.1%
    San Francisco · Full Time · $120k – $200k · 0.0% – 0.1%
    Site Reliability
    San Francisco · Full Time · $120k – $200k · 0.0% – 0.1%
    Video Engineer
    San Francisco · Full Time · $120k – $200k · 0.0% – 0.1%
    San Francisco · Full Time · $120k – $200k · 0.0% – 0.1%
  • Marketing Jobs
    Social Media Manager
    San Francisco · Contract · $10k – $30k · No equity

Houseparty Team

Ben Rubin
CEO & Co-Founder @Yevvo
Sima Sistani
Co-founder/COO @Houseparty ; Worked at Tumblr, Yahoo, IntoNow, CAA, Goldman Sachs.
Kimberly Kalb
Growth at Houseparty. Formerly Partnerships at Meerkat. Tumblr, HBO, NBC.
Julia Onken
Community, Growth and User Acquisition. Currently stealth mode at @Expa Past: @Stanza, @1sb, and @Wheelz. Killer Accent.
Jakub Swiadek
Playing around with live video with Life on Air since 2014 (Yevvo, Air, Meerkat, Houseparty)
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Houseparty Investors

Dave Morin
Josh Elman
Partner at Greylock. Previous: product at @Twitter (Growth), @Facebook (launched Connect), @Zazzle (ran product), @LinkedIn (Growth, launched Jobs), RealPlayer
Kevin Colleran
Managing Director @Slow Ventures focused on early stage technology investing. Previously one of the first 10 employees @Facebook.
Lee Linden
Entrepreneur & Early Stage Investor Founder of @Tapjoy Founder of @Karma Ads/Commerce at @Facebook
Gary Vaynerchuk
Partner in VaynerRSE CEO of VaynerMedia Jets Fan 
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