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Houseparty’s mission is to connect people in the most human way possible when they are physically apart. We empower people to have more frequent conversations with the people they care about most, meet new friends, and have fun together.

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Job Description

Houseparty connects people in the most human way possible when physically apart.

We are passionate about communication. As technology evolves, it is increasingly possible to enjoy meaningful social experiences - beyond a feed - with friends and family, regardless of physical distance.

Social interactions are incredibly diverse in nature, and we’re building a virtual space that works for all of them. By doing so, we empower people to have more frequent conversations with those they care about, build meaningful relationships, and have fun together.

Video at Houseparty

At Houseparty, we provide a group video chat application built around presence. Central to this is providing the highest quality multimedia experience possible.

As a video engineer at Houseparty, you can expect a critical role developing state-of-the-art video experiences at scale. This is especially challenging as we optimize across mobile devices, with strict network and hardware constraints.

We typically look for people who are especially knowledgeable on either the client or server side, but welcome full-stack experience too.

Here are some things we look for on the client side:
* Experience with C++, Objective C, and/or Java
* Knowledge of the Android and/or iOS platforms, and their audio/video frameworks
* 5+ years of relevant experience
* Experience shipping mobile applications, or (better yet) building a high-quality SDK
* Deep understanding of WebRTC

Here are some things we look for on the server side:
* Experience with C++ and a higher-level language (Python, Ruby, Go, etc.)
* Linux knowledge
* An understanding of RTP/RTCP and TCP/IP networking
* 5+ years of relevant experience
* WebRTC, VoIP, or streaming server experience

What to include with your application:
* Links to apps you’ve released, and a description of your contributions
* Links to any online profiles (Github, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc)
* A description of your professional experience (resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter, or similar)

Houseparty is a product for everyone, and we are proud to reflect that internally. We value an inclusive workplace, where people enjoy helping one another grow and accomplish goals.

From project management to team structure, we are cross-functional by design. Video engineers frequently collaborate with the Design team on UX concepts, contribute ideas to the product roadmap, and develop testable theories about user behaviors and interests. We believe that these practices promote transparency and well-roundedness.

If our passion for crafting a better way to share time resonates with you, then we would love to review your application.

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What We're Building

Group video chat that allows you to be together when you're not together!

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Houseparty Team

Ben Rubin
CEO & Co-Founder @Yevvo
Sima Sistani
Co-founder/COO @Houseparty ; Worked at Tumblr, Yahoo, IntoNow, CAA, Goldman Sachs.
Kimberly Kalb
Growth at Houseparty. Formerly Partnerships at Meerkat. Tumblr, HBO, NBC.
Julia Onken
Community, Growth and User Acquisition. Currently stealth mode at @Expa Past: @Stanza, @1sb, and @Wheelz. Killer Accent.
Jakub Swiadek
Playing around with live video with Life on Air since 2014 (Yevvo, Air, Meerkat, Houseparty)
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Houseparty Investors

Dave Morin
Founder & Partner, Slow Ventures
Josh Elman
Partner at Greylock. Previous: product at @Twitter (Growth), @Facebook (launched Connect), @Zazzle (ran product), @LinkedIn (Growth, launched Jobs), RealPlayer
Kevin Colleran
Managing Director @Slow Ventures focused on early stage technology investing. Previously one of the first 10 employees @Facebook.
Lee Linden
Entrepreneur & Early Stage Investor Founder of @Tapjoy Founder of @Karma Ads/Commerce at @Facebook
Gary Vaynerchuk
Partner in VaynerRSE CEO of VaynerMedia Jets Fan 
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