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We're creating an incredible concierge experience to save you time and money at home. To do it we're assembling a stellar team. We are backed by some of the most accomplished investors in Silicon Valley and recently raised a seed round led by Khosla Ventures. We're searching for sharp, tenacious, and thoughtful people to help us build a remarkable product.

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Job Description

As a Genie, you'll talk to our customers daily, be the delivery system for the principles we believe in, and operate as the face of our brand.

We’re a small team focused on using design and data to tackle a universal problem. We’re looking for high-energy, passionate self starters who want to be part of something special at the ground floor. This is a part time role (~20hr/week) at a young startup in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles. We offer competitive cash compensation (~$25/hr), awesome perks, and the opportunity to grow with a stellar team.It's hard to overstate the **extreme upward trajectory** that this role could have. Within the next 90 days it can easily transition into a full time position with a generous equity offer and an increase in responsibilities including but not limited to: hiring and managing other Genies, managing the Genie curriculum, leading digital and local marketing initiatives, creating and managing the Genie support team, etc.

The Average Day

* Conduct live video Sessions with Clients. You'll be expected to prepare for the Session beforehand, help Clients with whatever problem they're facing, and follow up with them via Genie Messenger when necessary.
* Provide text Genie Messenger support to clients.
* Learn new material from the Genie Curriculum provided by HQ
* Review existing material from Genie Curriculum
* Work with the leadership team to refine both your and the customer's experience
* Occasionally engage in local and/or digital marketing and brand initiatives
* Have a lot of fun!

You Should Be

* Charismatic: Some people call it *je ne sais quoi, *some people call it the X factor, we don't care how you define it we just need you to be someone that people love spending time with. Our customers will look forward to chatting with you and also need to feel comfortable opening up in their very first session with you. You need to be a ray of sunshine in a world of overcast skies!
* Knowledgeable: Customers may turn to you for advice on anything and everything You'll deliver micro strategies and tactics in specific areas of a customer's life (i.e. health, dating, career, family, etc.) You'll look at a customer's life from a bird's eye view and should be able to draw parallels between what they're feeling and macro principles that can help them unlock their potential.
* Nurturing: You'll be matched with customers and work with them over extended periods of time (weeks/months/years — if we're lucky!) You will be invested in our customers' lives and they will feel like you're truly in their corner. You need to be able to deliver patience, compassion, and empathy as you help customers' navigate through life.

How to Apply

Who you are is far more important to us than what you've done. If you have a great resumé, send it along, but we're very open to letting you be creative as how you choose to define yourself and why you're perfect for this role.

To apply to be a Genie all you need to do is record a video response to the 5 questions below and send them in to

1) If you had 2 minutes to speak to yourself 5 years ago, what would you say?
2) What are you most proud of? What are you most afraid of?
3) What's one way your current outlook on life is hindering your progress?
4) What's the most embarrassing thing to happen to you in recent memory?
5) If your life was a movie, what would the title be?

If you feel there's other info on you that's relevant, please let us know.

We can't wait to hear from you.

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What We're Building

In life we often find ourselves in challenging situations and have no one to talk to. Even if we can wrangle a friend or family member into an awkward conversation, they often lack the context required to truly be helpful.

Genie is a coach, friend, and support system — in your pocket. You're able to quickly connect to a Genie over live video and talk through whatever is on your mind, no matter how big or small.

Using Genie is super easy — here's how it works:

* Create an account and complete the Genie Quiz
* Based upon your answers we'll match you with the PERFECT Genie
* View your Genie's schedule and book a Session
* Message your Genie at any time if you need support in between sessions

It's that simple!

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