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I’m the CEO and co-founder of Apartment List. We’ve been named one of the fastest growing companies in America by Inc. Magazine (#108) and one of Forbes “Most Promising Companies." I have extensive operations experience and deep relationships with many of Silicon Valley’s most successful (and up and coming) entrepreneurs.
I will syndicate all deals in which the founder wants to tap into the potential of the profound AngelList network.
I've been lucky to be an investor in Apartment List and seen John build and re-build that business with great success. He's dedicated to the mission and also a great friend who I know I can count on.
I've known, been friends, advised, and partnered with Kobs for well over a decade. John has built an incredibly valuable business at ApartmentList, and continues to be a thought-leader in the space while executing on an ambitious plan to (continue to) leverage technology to disrupt a massive...more
John Kobs
CEO & Co-Founder, @apartment-list. Chairman & Co-Founder, @autolist. Marketplace enthusiast.
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Andrew Hoffman
Lawyer counseling companies on legal requirements and best practices regarding privacy, data use, and cybersecurity. CIPP/US & CIPM certified.
Can help with
“I am an attorney at Cooley. My practice is focused on counseling on privacy, data protection & cybersecurity legal compliance and strategy.”
John is a thoughtful investor, but more importantly as an investor, he is a brilliant advisor who proactively seeks to support the companies he is investing in. If John is interested in investing in your company, make room for him!
Kobs is one of my most responsive, most helpful investors. He's my first call on management and CEO questions, as well as fundraising advice. I can't recommend him highly enough. Incredible value-add.
Time and again, angel investors who are themselves successful entrepreneurs have been some of my most helpful investors. John exemplifies this more than any other.

Here are a few specific ways he's helped me with: introductions to potential employees, advice on salary and equity for offers,...more
Despite having a relatively small position in my company, John is ridiculously generous with his time and one of my top 3 investors in terms of value add. As a fellow operator he "gets it" and can be an invaluable source of strategic advice, or just someone to pump you up and keep you...more
John is genuine and straight up. He'll tell you exactly what he thinks and that's what we respect in our investors and advisors. He also surrounded himself with solid people and we deeply believe that everything else comes once you got high caliber people around you. He makes it easy to...more
John is the best angel investor you will ever have.


1. He's an experienced operator and gives great advice. He's honest, doesn't bullshit, and doesn't pull punches.
2. He's extremely generous with his time and well-connected. He will actively help you with hard issues....more
John is a genuine, authentically-engaged investor that's been a huge asset to us as we've grown. As a successful entrepreneur, John understands what other entrepreneurs need and provides timely, on point recommendations and ideas without being either overly detached or overly involved....more
Kobs is often my first call and having him as an investor has been incredibly valuable to us. As a CEO himself, he brings deep operational experience and has often faced and conquered the challenge that is standing in front of us. I've called him for recruiting advice, fundraising advice,...more
John is one of my most helpful investors.

John has provided many introductions to potential employees and investors, connections with law firms, and strategic advice. He cares deeply about the entrepreneurs and the companies he invests in.

You want John involved in your startup; he is an...more
John is smart and straight to the point. From our first meeting he was providing valuable input. He has a strong network and a great reputation in the startup community.
John totally gets its...and whats more he helps you get things done too.

One of his greatest strengths is identifying outstanding people. Every connection he's made for our company or person I've met that's connected to him is bright, genuine and filled with a fantastic spirit....more
John is first-rate across the board. You *need* to get him involved.

On a personal and professional level, you want John on your team.
John has been incredibly helpful since the first day I met him. He's high energy, experienced, and always has concrete feedback/advice on whatever you're tackling at the time. Since he's a successful entrepreneur himself, his guidance is grounded in examples from running his company....more
I've been lucky to be an investor in Apartment List and seen John build and re-build that business with great success. He's dedicated to the mission and also a great friend who I know I can count on.
Kobs is a top 5% CEO in our venture portfolio of nearly 50 companies. His ability to lead, recruit, hit numbers, all while staying humble and accountable make him a joy to interact with. ApartmentList benefits from his competitive approach to business, and his ability to network and fund raise...more
I've known, been friends, advised, and partnered with Kobs for well over a decade. John has built an incredibly valuable business at ApartmentList, and continues to be a thought-leader in the space while executing on an ambitious plan to (continue to) leverage technology to disrupt a massive...more
I've met hundreds of investors + founders and John is easily in top 1%. John has a decade of company-building experience and would be a fantastic partner for both early and late stage startups. He understands deeply the drivers of startups, knows how to recruit talent and scale a team, and...more
John is a high-energy, super connected founder, CEO and investor and someone I would be honored to co-invest alongside.
I have worked directly with John since 2010 and currently sit on two boards with him. John is a no-nonsense strategist and is able to isolate what matters most and stay focused on it. He uses his charisma to be a fantastic motivator and he leverages his deep experience to guide startups toward...more
Few people have the opportunity to report to an entrepreneur whom is also a coach, mentor and operator - but I have ever since I joined Apartment List. I was lucky to to join the Exec Team at Apartment List just as the company was experiencing incredible growth. I was not looking to make a career...more
I'm a proud Advisor and Investor in ApartmentList. John is an amazing leader who has built an wonderful culture based on hard work, mutual respect and fun. He has guided ApartmentList to become a powerhouse in the highly competitive listing space which is no small task.
John decided in one meeting. He asked great questions about the business, but ultimately it was clear that he cared the most about the person and his trust in the entrepreneur's authentic understanding of the problem and ability to solve it. He introduced us to several high profile angels...more
John is among the most thoughtful and dynamic CEOs I know. As a long-time investor in Apartment List, I have been continually impressed with his rare combination of vision and relentless execution. And as a fellow leader, I find his counsel invaluable.
Having known John Kobs for over a decade, I've watched him harness and hone his high energy approach to become one of the productive and effective CEOs in the Valley. He has the rare combination of street-smart business savvy, discpline, and leadership skill that has led him to crack one of...more
John has been a fantastic teammate, advisor and board member for me and my team at Autolist. He is extremely generous with his time and eager to help on a wide array of issues that any entrepreneur will face. On the rare occasion he isn't the best person to help, he can quickly connect you...more
John is one of the best people I know, in every sense of the word. He's a consummate entrepreneur and has experienced (and led his company through) the best and the worst parts of the job. His outstanding qualities are too numerous to mention so I'll sum it up by saying that I'm...more
John is an experienced operator who would be a great advisor to any founder. He has grown a hugely successful startup, but faced many roadblocks along the way. He has particular skills of strategy and leadership. In addition, he is well networked and respected in Silicon Valley.
John is a super impressive founder and entrepreneur. He knows how to test, learn and iterate as a means to arrive at a successful business model. Case-in-point: at ApartmentList, John successfully transitioned the business from a meta-search model to a marketplace model even though the former...more
I am both an investor in John's company and have invested into some of his many angel investments. He is a very strong founder who has a ton of experience to offer other founders + he is an amazing networker.
John Kobs is the real deal. If you get the chance to work with him -- don't be an idiot and bring him on board. He's incredibly smart, insanely helpful, deeply experienced, and is a fantastic human being.
John is a true leader, advisor, and connector. He has a unique talent of diving deep into any challenge and finding a solution that most people might have missed. Any entrepreneur who has the chance to work with him should jump at it. I can't express enough the value his insight and...more
John is an extremely strategic leader who is deeply tied into the valley. He is able to quickly make connections and introductions through his network and his approach and strategy around fund raising is excellent (and well demonstrated by his success at Apartment List). John would be a very...more
I invested in Apartment List because of John... he's the quintessential entrepreneur. Thoughtful, strategic and most importantly tenacious. He's playing the long game and not afraid to make difficult decisions that are disruptive (and even controversial) for short term results - in...more
John is a smart and thoughtful investor as well as a successful and resolute entrepreneur. He’s very plugged in and an all around great person with high integrity who I strongly recommend. I’ve been fortunate to know John for over a decade as an investor, advisor and friend. He's a class act...more
John is an incredible mix of mentor, leader, and friend. He's helped me through some of the most difficult situations a CEO faces -- and he does it by being real and sharing how he's dealth with them. I'm constantly inspired by his grace and resilience. He's worth having on your...more
I met Kobs several years ago shortly after moving to SF. He was one of the first founders I'd met in the city, and can unequivocally say that many of my close friends and folks in my network today can be traced back to some key introductions he made back then.

Kobs is a class act!...more
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