John Antoni Griffiths

Founder @BabySimplify • Worked at @HomeSav, @Thomson Reuters

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What I Do

• Lead a team of 3 rails developers in the design, planning and implementation of the ecommerce and micro-blogging service.
• Overhauled UI with a more fluid structure using Twitter Bootstrap Backbone & Ember, this also included greater call to action with the Hero unit. Replaced complex payment process with a more solid and tested backend, migrated web hosts and broke apart offering to put less impact on the customer side. With analytics tracking the before-and-after this resulted in visible increased sales and more actionable tasks for future improvement.
• Used Unicorn, Rspec and Travis CI to increase test coverage and green light deployments and minimise risk of impact on sales.
• Migrated 200k subscribers from MailChimp to Sailthru which resulted in 70% customer reactivation, increased by integrating Sailthru’s API to tailor emails to the user’s viewing profile.

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