Joe Stump

Co-founder of, @SimpleGeo, and Former Lead Architect at @Digg.

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Bill Gleim was reviewed by Joe Stump
Bill's seen, done, and experienced so much in technology. Combined with his formal education in cognitive and computer science, he'd make a great addition to any technical team.
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Cryptocurrencies & Informatics. @Ripple Labs. Cracker/Lead @Google. Founder/CTO @Explorence. MSCS @University of Colorado-Boulder, BS @UCSD Cognitive Science
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The fastest, easiest way to sell your electronics
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Glider (Acquired by FPX)
Business intelligence and shorter sales cycles for the contract process.
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Kevin Rose was reviewed by Joe Stump
Kevin has an innate ability to grok new products quickly and immediately offer insights on ways to improve the experience. His secret super power is marketing products via social channels.
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Joe Stump followed Rob Lord
Internet innovation serial entrepreneur including Winamp, Songbird, Mediacode. $100M+ in exits from AOL and Yahoo! acquisitions.
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Joe Stump invested in Kiip's previous round
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Eamon Leonard was reviewed by Joe Stump
Eamon has been a great investor. He's always there to lend an ear, very supportive, and is amazing at finding great people to connect the company with. Given he has deep ties to technology communities across both the EU and West Coast, companies looking to grow globally would be wise to get him on board.
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Lead Developer at @Quirky. Previously co-founded Worked at @AOL, @Dailybooth, @Ooga Labs.
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Joe Stump followed Kyle York
Chief Revenue Officer @Dyn helping grow the Internet and build a vibrant economy in NH. Brand, revenue, hustle.
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Product Founder/Exec/Advisor/Investor Founder: @Carbon Five Exec: @Mark Logic @Composite Software Investor: @Good Eggs @javelin Advisor: @Balsamiq
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VC: @Lightbank; @Lehman Brothers , @Barclays Capital , @ICICI Venture ; Sweat: @BenchPrep ; High-Performance Computing @INRIA, Studied CS @Cornell , Chicago Booth MBA
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Dave Samuel was reviewed by Joe Stump
Dave and Josh largely invented the micro VC. They're two-time entrepreneurs over two cycles. They know most everyone and have seen most everything. They're tough on pitches and expect you to have your diligence in order, but trust me when I say that's a good thing. They've invested in three rounds of mine across two companies and have ALWAYS had my back. You'd be lucky to have them in your next round.
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Jim Andelman was reviewed by Joe Stump
Had a great conversation with Jim and John. I liked their approach and would definitely recommend entrepreneurs looking to raise a seed round consider them.
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Software Analytics for the Modern Web

We've been beta testing on out for a while. Within about 30 minutes of deploying it we'd identified 3 different performance problems. Really excited… more

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Drew Smith was reviewed by Joe Stump
Drew and the entire OAF group are great people. If you're in the Portland area and looking for capital, starting with a call to Drew is always a good idea.
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Dan Levine was reviewed by Joe Stump
Dan is a pragmatic shipper who thinks of his customers and the product long before he worries about which technical implementation is best. We need more engineering leaders like him founding companies.
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Ryan Mickle was reviewed by Joe Stump
Ryan's approach to product development blew me away. When it comes to deciphering the needs of consumer internet users, there are few folks out there that can debug the way Ryan can. He's methodical and constantly curious, which are two great traits for any entrepreneur.
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Melody McCloskey was reviewed by Joe Stump
Melody is a fantastic operator. She's careful to gather objective information and feedback before making big decisions, she executes like no other, and pays special attention to her customers. If you get the opportunity to invest, take it.
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General Partner at @El Dorado Ventures Venture Partner at Icon Venture Partners