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62 Companies Hiring Engineers Without Work Experience

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Finding your first job in tech, according to traditional wisdom, is the hardest. While getting your resume/portfolio in order is important, one of the bigger bottlenecks is simply finding enough companies who hire technical talent with no work experience.

To help, we've put together this list of companies hiring for technical roles who accept applicants with no prior work experience. The jobs here include the full breadth of software engineering roles, as well as other technical fields, such as data science.

All of these jobs are either in the US or Europe, while some offer remote work. Additionally, while all of these companies hire applicants with no work experience, this does not necessarily mean they have no barriers to entry. Some of these roles (machine learning roles, for example) may have knowledge requirements, while others may require certain credentials, like a CS degree. Check the guidelines for any role before applying.

Also note that these listings reflect live data. Companies may alter jobs/update details. We'll do our best to make sure things are up-to-date.

Finally, here's some slightly broader job search advice. While there are no doubt many roles that fit you in this collection, you shouldn't feel limited to only applying to jobs in this collection—or to only applying to jobs with "junior" in their title, for that matter. According to AngelList data, the average engineer with 0 years of experience lands their first job in a role "requiring" more than 1 year of work experience.

Last Updated: August 26

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