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10 Hot FinTech Startups Hiring The Most Right Now

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FinTech startups raised nearly $40 billion in 2018, with about $12 billion of that making its way to U.S.-based companies. The tech they’re advancing could impact everything from the way you pay for lunch today to how we’ll invest in the next unicorn.

And they’re attracting more than capital.

Finance is high on the list of industries that top job-seekers most want to join. Interested in making a move? We took a global snapshot of all FinTech startups hiring on AngelList Talent and analyzed a standard set of inputs:

—Jobs: How many jobs does each startup have posted on AngelList Talent right now? —Outreach: How many job-seekers has each startup contacted this year? —Conversion: How many of the job-seekers they contacted responded this year? —Applicants: How many job-seekers have applied to work at each startup this year? —Hires: How many hires has each startup made through AngelList Talent? —And more

Below are the top 10 FinTech startups hiring the most on AngelList Talent right now.

(Methodology and Data collection by Kenny Leung)

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