João Valente

Founder & CTO @OutTrippin. Previously Tech-Lead at and Project Manager / Information Architect at Bridging the gap between computers and people.

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What I Do

I'm a Portuguese software engineer. While studying at the University of Porto, I've invested on my passion for software. However, I’ve come to realise that you can easily get lost in the middle of the bits and bytes and forget about the ultimate goal of the machine: to serve human beings.


- Was considered one of the entrepreneurs that most contributed to the Chilean entrepreneurial scene.

- Created a pilot program to bridge the gap between digital technology and primary education in Chile. This involved holding workshops in elementary schools around the country to introduce the internet and digital technology as tools for learning and education, some of whom had never interacted with computers in their lives. It was the most rewarding and humbling experience of his life.

- Got accepted on the first edition on the first Start Up Chile program.

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