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Smarter Financials, Faster Insights. CFO Superpowers for everyone!

Jirav is making complex financial forecasting and modeling easy, enabling companies of all sizes to have access to enterprise grade analytics. Our company is young, hungry, and ready to disrupt traditional players in the space, with great early traction already.

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What We're Building

Jirav connects your operational and financial data to analyze your historical performance and help build future forecasts across Bookings, Revenues, Workforce, Expenses and Cash Flow.

In Jirav, anyone can run scenarios on the fly, build sales targets, set quotas, plan their workforce, analyze financial variances, and keep a pulse of their business with live dashboards for SaaS metrics/KPIs, financial targets and personnel.

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Martin Zych
CEO @Jirav • Previously Finance Director at Zephyr Health & Limeade, Controller at Atlas Accelerator • Finance @University of Washington.
Steven Turner
CTO @Jirav • Entrepreneur, Software Engineer, leader of engineering teams large and small. Proven experience delivering software products to market.
Sameer Halai
@Jirav, @SunFunder, product, design, finance, data, mountaineering. Formerly at Microsoft Research.
Jonathan Hong
Udacity Machine Learning, Python, with NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Scikit-Learn libraries
Leszek Szmelich
Front-end developer, experienced with back-end jobs as well. Worked for major corporations for past 3 years, looking for something fresh.

Our Investors

Ash Rust
Managing Partner, @Sterling Road. Partner @Alchemist Accelerator . Past @Trinity Ventures , Cofounder @SendHub (acq. Cameo Global).
Jude Gomila
CEO and Founder @ Golden. Founded @Heyzap/Aq $45m $->80+ co: Gusto, ClearTax, Boom, Bugsnag, Benchling, Zesty, Ginkgo, Airtable, eShares, captain401
Steve King
Entrepreneur, Investor and Advisor to Emerging Technology Companies
Nick Hatch
I am currently a Managing Director at Harken Capital and Investor in Half Dome Ventures which makes direct investments in private equity, VC, and real estate.

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