Jin Hwang

Founder, CEO & Front-end dev @eveningflow (2011-2013). Prev startup exp w/ Vibes Media. Strong biz bkgd (IB at BMO Cap Mkts). Booth MBA 2009. @nu Wildcat 2001.

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What I Do

Created the concept, built the app with the team, conducted all customer interviews, and managed feedback-driven product development. Leading all Front-end Development, Product Development, Design Wireframing, Strategy, Business Development, Legal, Marketing, Communications/PR, and Finance.


Built a real-time local search engine (tying the most common discovery behaviors from Twitter, Yelp, and GrubHub): established a revenue share partnership with GrubHub, successfully sold the app to 26 venues, and built a team of five (four developers and a professional designer). Operated a startup for 2+ years with a budget of $30K. ALSO, raised 12 year-old younger brother on my own at 22 years old.

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