Javier Gramajo López

Global scholar, fellow, published across 3 continents on a dozen R&D projects. MSc in Artificial Intelligence. Social networking historian and guru.

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What I Do

As a father: When my son Rodrigo born (2005) I take care of him since his six months, we share priceless moments, taking swimming classes, playing with robots, learning football soccer. He went with me to most of my speakings, meetings, teaching classes, etc. I can truly say that he really learnt from me and I teach him my life point of view.

As a mentor: From 2007 to 2010 I inspired Guatemalan computer science engineering students to achieve a MSc /PhD degree, until now I have three students at Estonia they are in the top ten, one in Israel who wrote with me some research articles, three in Korea, one in Brazil, Spain, Germany and USA, they are the Guatemalan talent diaspora.

As a entrepreneur: My first entrepreneurial project born in 1992 Sysdata we had relative success in Costa Rica and Miami, Florida. The second one I created a Students talent incubator called fundaTICs. The third one SQMOS the project that I working on.

My best achievement is to integrate talented people.

What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for founds to develop SQMOS globally.