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Jexia, the next gen dev platform

Jexia is a tech company, and software engineers are at the core of our team. Our engineers are creating the next-generation developers platform for software developers across the globe. We want to change the way developers build professional software, and our goal is to provide them with all the necessary tools to make this happen. Read More
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What We're Building

Welcome to Jexia! We believe in people, enthusiasm, and open source. Let’s build awesome things together!

Jexia is a platform for developers, by developers: a better way to build software. No shortcuts. No workarounds. What we offer is a wide range of services, developed in-house and integrated into a single platform. That means you'll need less code for better or the same professional result. And because it's horizontally scalable by design, the sky really is the limit. "The most valuable business of coming decades will be built by entrepreneurs who seek to empower people rather than try to make them obsolete" (Peter Thiel).

Our mission: To make technology simple and accessible to empower people and communities worldwide.
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Jexia at Web Summit 2017
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Jexia Team

Rafael Akopian
Co-Founder @JEXIACOM. #Technology lover. #Startup enthusiast. Tweets about #API #APP #Software #Tech
Michael Hakopian
Founder at Jexia, Speaker, Tech Evangelist
Rishabh Jha
A CS enthusiast & professional. Have built great products & love doing so. Worked with startups as well as big organisations. Currently also leading small team.
Mark Geller
B.Sc. in Physics. M.Sc in Machine Learning. Backend Developer
Karen Harutyunyan
DevOps, possession Puppet & Ansible. @kalinux
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