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Senior Software Engineer / Node.js at JetHunter

Irvine, Orange County · Full Time
Till now private jet industry is too luxury and closed. There are lot's of startups which make this industry more comfortable for those people who use private jets regularly and this is great. However for most of people private jet flights are not affordable still because of the price. We are making these flights possible. We believe that people should have a choice whether they want to fly in business/first class or take a private jet seat for the same price without any obligations like membership fee. And they don't need to install any applications for that, just search for tickets the same way they did before, using the most comfortable online travel agencies for that. Read More
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Job Description

Are you a Senior Software Engineer with a strong background building scalable applications in Node.JS? If you’re a Senior Software Engineer looking for the opportunity to join a startup in business aviation that is about to take off, read on!

Based in LA, this company is revolutionizing the experiences of a rich clientele and world’s biggest celebrities flying private aviation. They are looking to build out their team with a talented Senior Software Engineer who is strong in Node.JS and thrives in a fast-paced environment.

- Building new flagship products
- Working with biggest cloud services platform AWS
- Releasing code on a regular basis
- Writing code that moves business aviation industry forward

- Strong background as a Software Engineer
- Skilled ability to code in Node.js and JavaScript
- Experience writing test suites and testable code
- Strong experience with git workflows, PR, code reviews
- Experience with microservices infrastructure
- Experience with AWS cloud services

- An opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a hot LA startup
- Competitive pay
- An opportunity to work remotely
- Flexible hours

So, if you’re a Senior Software engineer, love your code, looking for a chance to use latest and greatest technologies and face challenges that will revolutionize business aviation industry, apply now!

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What We're Building

JetHunter is a new milestone in private jet industry that brings private jet flight experience to everyone with prices compared to business class tickets by distributing empty legs flights though the most famous online travel channels in the world.

Empty leg means that flight is scheduled for reposition purposes and the price is significantly low that can be compared with business class tickets on regular flights. Daily more than 2K empty leg flights are flying empty with no passengers. Airlines are willing to earn extra money though.

JetHunter makes private jet flights easy to book and budget affordable for most of the travelers in the world. We assume that everyone should be able to use private jet for transportation purposes across the globe.

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JetHunter Team

Artur Abadzhyan
CEO of JetHunter Inc. Global Distribution System for private jet market.

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