Jesse Robbins

Founder of @OnBeep a wearable startup in SF. Founded @Chef, & VelocityConf • Investor @PagerDuty, @Fastly • Advisor @CircleCI • Firefighter/EMT

Confirmed Investments · Invests 10-50k per deal
Team Member
Board Member
What I Do

I help other founders refine, fund, and build platforms & systems that scale.

I make great introductions to likeminded angels & VCs. I occasionally invest my own money in great teams where my connections, profile, and experience are helpful.


Founded Opscode to bring Infrastructure Automation to the Masses... and Opscode now powers the automation of tens of thousands of organizations which combine to reach over a billion people across the globe.

Barry Steinglass
Founder and VP Product Development of Chef. Early member of the Xbox product team, creator of the Xbox 360 music player, DVD player, and HD DVD peripheral.
Scott Ruthfield
Founder @rooster-park, a consulting/recruiting firm. Consult on engineering turnarounds and M&A/interview prep. Worked at @whitepages-com, @amazon. @rice-university grad.
Josh Stein
Partner at @dfj, a global venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley. Lead our efforts in SaaS and Enterprise IT. Also active in Consumer and Mobile.
Gil Penchina
$25 BILLION IN EXITS Angel in 60 startups: @linkedin @paypal @fastly @rally-software @angellist @indiegogo-zhd @weheartit @wealthfront Ex-CEO @wikia, Ex @ebay