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After investing in hundreds of startups (Notion, Carta,, Rippling, Ripple,, Draft Kings, Glovo, Dialpad) I've build a great network and get a lot of high quality dealflow. I will syndicate my best deals here. By following my syndicate, you'll be the first to receive deals. As always, you can choose to skip or participate every time.

My investment focus:

- software/internet

- low overhead (no "buy the market" companies)

- highly scalable

- strong (mostly technical) team with previous startup experience

- strong co-investors

- defensible

- huge market (if all goes well)

- proven execution power

I'm not afraid of binary bets. I see venture capital as a hits business where you need to spread your bets (up to a certain level) in order to increase your chances of a hit.

For me, idea is important but execution power is more important. There are so many people with great ideas, but just a few can execute.


I will syndicate deals which offer a large enough allocation and have notable co-investors.

Jeroen Bertrams
I help companies grow faster. Author of 9 books on online strategy. Founded & sold 2 companies. 1st tech blogger in The Netherlands. Investor in >200 companies
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