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My investments have one simple overarching theme, they greatly reduce the amount of friction involved in providing a product or service to customers. Early stage companies that apply leading edge technologies to disrupt legacy incumbents in large industries is a particular area of focus. I'm not looking for solutions that provide incremental improvements, but teams and technologies that have the potential to shift an entire business model. I spent more than 25 years on the front lines as a high tech corporate executive building and turning around businesses. I know what it takes to sell and support billions of dollars of products and services. I've also invested in more than 100 early stage technology companies and am an enthusiastic advisor to a select few.


Due to the large number of deals that I have invested in, my tech industry background, and time that I have volunteered coaching at Alchemist Accelerator I have developed my deal flow. I will look to syndicate where I can get a large enough allocation and good terms for investors.

Jeffery Brown
worked @juniper-networks , @nxp-semiconductors , @qualcomm , @opentv , semiconductors, mobility, broadcasting & video tech, IT networking
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