Jeff Brunelle

CEO at Lacrosse All Stars; Applying lean startup methodology to niche sports media; Story-telling journalist with passion for living well & doing good in life.

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What I Do

I love working hard and building exciting things. Right now I'm putting all my time and effort into


As a recent college grad, I survived the financial crisis of 2008 in New York City by teaching myself how to program, trusting in data-driven decision making, soaking up everything I could from my mentors, and finding a passion for telling stories through new media and film. I was laid off, then hired by the same company the next day. I was recruited by employers for my sports marketing prowess. Soon I realized I could start my own media company revolving around my favorite sport, serving a very underserved, but promising fan community.

I did the above while unknowingly suffering from a degenerative back disease called ankylosing spondylitis. Pain began after college as I sat in a cubicle all day. But truth be told, looking back, symptoms flared as early as my freshman year. When I was finally diagnosed in 2010, what I needed for my own well-being started to become clear. Fast forward three years, and I couldn't be in a better place. If that's not an achievement, I don't know what is!

What I'm Looking For
Kyle MacDonald
Connor Wilson
Co-Owner and Content Director of; Worked at @nycedc, @wesleyan-university University: @wesleyan-university graduate, lacrosse lover, coach and player
Ryan Craven
@LaxAllStars Co-Founder, Digitally driven @WiedenKennedy
Ron Yang
Head of Product at LiftOff - we help build companies. Founding team/Product at @betterworks. Founder of @swoopoff (acquired by HomeRun). UCLA Anderson MBA.