Joshua Chestang

Founder @Speakerfeed - Changing the way people support their church. • Studied at @HU • Studied at The Starter League • Ruby on Rails

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What I Do

I focus on building ways to stabilize churches. Inconsistent giving is the #1 reason churches go bankrupt. With Speakerfeed, we eliminate that problem by offering parishioners the option to fill out one form to give on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. We're already seeing churches grow.


2000+ hours of Ruby on Rails development and counting! Helped build several organization using Ruby on Rails in the last year. Built a payment integration with a very trivial gateway with strictly http REST requests.

What I'm Looking For

Business partners who believe in connecting musicians, producers, artists, song writers, and anybody else who would like to work on music with people in different location across the world.