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At JCC Bowers, we are going to reshape the entire global transportation industry by delivering the world’s most advanced Level 5 vehicle autonomy technology. Our commitment is to deliver a safe, clean, connected, intelligent, and autonomous, future.

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Job Description

We are a cutting-edge, all-remote Internet of Things company with multiple product lines and plans for rapid expansion. Our vision is to connect everything you own — your car, your house, your boat, your plane — into a unified ecosystem, the likes of which Alexa can only dream about.
We are looking for an excellent product designer to join our team. You will be responsible for designing the product aesthetics across our entire line. We have some ideas ourselves, but we are looking for someone who can hit the ground running and really own this piece of our production.
If you want to
The Job
Perform a broad range of responsibilities including ideation sketching, 3D modelling, rendering, product research, and presentation preparation
Create trend/mood boards, design sketches, and renderings
Provide CMF drawings for engineering development
Collaborate with Product Managers, Marketers, and Engineers to oversee designs from concept to production
Execute on-brand design solutions that drive product-marketing goals, strategies and roadmaps
Keep projects on track by meeting incremental milestones within budgetary and technical constraints in a timely manner
Stay current with design trends, necessary programs, software and processes
Stay curious about what makes for excellent designs and best practices in the current product design landscape
Inspire others in creating unique, well-designed, functional, world-class products
Positively shape and impact our product development
The Candidate
5 – 10 years of industrial design experience
Working knowledge of developing a product from concept to production
Strong ability in communicating through sketches
Exhibits inventive, innovative, original thinking and approach to design
A strong understanding of lifestyle and consumer electronic products
Profound knowledge of manufacturing techniques and engineering principles
The ability to translate consumer leanings into relevant product solutions
Ability to develop aesthetically pleasing, unique designs within specific boundaries
A keen eye for detail and a great taste in design aesthetics
Experienced in modelling complex CAD surfaces
A good working knowledge of 3D CAD software (Rhino, Solidworks, etc)
Fluent in 2D software (Photoshop, Illustrator)
An outstanding work ethic, known for a resourceful approach to work and design
Excellent planning, organization, and communications skills with a strong attention to detail
Demonstrated prowess in being able to prioritize and handle multiple assignments simultaneously
Understands lead times, and executes projects on deadline
And lastly, the ability to smile in the face of tight deadlines
Along with your resume, please provide a link to your portfolio with relevant work (both actual and conceptual). Only candidates with portfolio will be considered.

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What We're Building

JCC Bowers is the innovative UK company behind Cobalt Auta.

1. HARDWARE — Powerful, embedded, connected XXXX for parallel processing of incoming data from sensor arrays, cloud, vehicle CAN, and V2X.
2. SENSORS – Next-gen LIDAR offering real-time vehicle reaction and advanced visibility over conventional LIDAR tech, without the weight or failures.
3. AI & CLOUD — Our technologies connect to the existing vehicle CAN network, the cloud and our sensors to provide real-time, intelligent and automated control of the vehicle via touch, text or voice.
4. HMI/OS – Future-proofed HMI/OS offers seamless control of vehicle functionality, application integrations, and control over our AI assistant in and out of the vehicle..

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John Bowers
Leading the effort to transform transportation by developing the technologies necessary to finally bring full Level 5 autonomy to the road.
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Delivering automotive applications using state of the art technologies including machine learning, deep learning, image classification and NLP chatbots.
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JCC Bowers Investors

John Bowers
Leading the effort to transform transportation by developing the technologies necessary to finally bring full Level 5 autonomy to the road.