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At JCC Bowers, we are going to reshape the entire global transportation industry by delivering the world’s most advanced Level 5 vehicle autonomy technology. Our commitment is to deliver a safe, clean, connected, intelligent, and autonomous, future.

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Job Description

In this role, you’ll help support JC&C by:
• Developing industry leading natural language chatbot applications using cutting edge tools/technologies – Microsoft BotFramework, LUIS, Node.js or any other bot framework.
• Creating, training and publishing LUIS models to enable natural language M2M interaction
• Designing and coding complex products that meet functional and business requirements on schedule and within budget
• Support and adhere to Agile Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) methodology, which include:
o Write robust, reusable and maintainable code and be able to perform unit/module testing of JavaScript software to find errors and confirm programs meet specifications.
o Write and maintain documentation to describe program development, logic, coding, testing, changes, and corrections
o Fix bugs, add enhancements, and convert software to other platforms
• Collaborate with systems team to provide design expertise and mentoring to junior team members.
• Integration of user-facing components developed by front-end developers with server side logic
Skills and Experience
The perfect candidate for this role will have a demonstrated record of success in positions of increasing responsibility over the course of their career. He/she will have an outstanding track record and reputation for developing clean, interactive code and working well within a team environment. An ideal background will include:
• 5 or more years of web API development experience.
• Expert level experience with one or more of these back-end technologies; NodeJS, C# with solid understanding of chatbot development – especially using Microsoft frameworks and natural language processing.
• TDD/BDD in server side environment and exposure to Agile methodology
• The ability to work with teams in different locations and time zones with strong and pro-active communication skills
• Optimization of the bots for maximum speed and scalability
• Implementation of security and data protection.
• Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git
• Undergraduate degree in computer science, engineering or sciences preferred
The Company

This will provide a fantastic opportunity for the right individual to join a start-up organisation with a highly innovative product set which is very much considered as the next big thing and potentially compulsory product in the automotive space. It's a fast paced environment, hands-on where everyone plays an essential part in a team environment. The organisation has a strong work ethic, but with relevant rewards.

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What We're Building

JCC Bowers is the innovative UK company behind Cobalt Auta.

1. HARDWARE — Powerful, embedded, connected XXXX for parallel processing of incoming data from sensor arrays, cloud, vehicle CAN, and V2X.
2. SENSORS – Next-gen LIDAR offering real-time vehicle reaction and advanced visibility over conventional LIDAR tech, without the weight or failures.
3. AI & CLOUD — Our technologies connect to the existing vehicle CAN network, the cloud and our sensors to provide real-time, intelligent and automated control of the vehicle via touch, text or voice.
4. HMI/OS – Future-proofed HMI/OS offers seamless control of vehicle functionality, application integrations, and control over our AI assistant in and out of the vehicle..

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Leading the effort to transform transportation by developing the technologies necessary to finally bring full Level 5 autonomy to the road.