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I'm a 3x tech company founder, with one big success (Acquia), one "sell" (Pingtel), and one fail. I learned equally from all - both the gain, and the pain.

That experience has made me question whether there is a viable alternative to classic venture/angel financing structure when building a startup. I believe there is, and it is why I'm shifting my full attention to investing in "real businesses" using's Revenue-Based Financing model.

What is this? Until I get my own digital content up, you can learn from that of, whom I'm essentially cloning. See:

  • The FAQ at's website
  • A description of the type of startup this investment vehicle works well for ("Real Businesses"
  • Why high-growth can be a killer, and maybe good profit margins are better
  • The "v3" term sheet used by Bryce, and that I'll be using, too
  • How thinks about returns (1/3, 1/3, 1/3 vs. 1-in-10), based on companies that are Boostrapped, Profitable, and Proud
  • The full list of content by Bryce Roberts (the GP) on Medium

The Readers' Digest version: Investors make money by investing in real businesses that are seeking revenue & profitability first, not growth-first. Tech-focused or tech-enabled businesses that are post-revenue with some evidence of product-market fit that can use some cash to grow, but don't need it. Businesses that are interested in a financing type that is somewhere in the middle between traditional equity and debt, but where they - the business - provide the gains to the investor via redeeming the investor's interest programmatically using a percentage of (future) revenues. (This instead of investor returns being driven by capital gains from building unicorns.)

These will be primarily, probably B2B SaaS because that's where my experience is. I'll favor companies with technical founders that have found a good market, and now want money to hire their first sales & marketing employees so they can go from a few hundred thousand in ARR to several million.

I've been a mentor "In-Residence" with Techstars Boston every cohort since 2012, where I spend 30+ hours / week in the program helping companies thru the entire process. From that experience, I'll be bringing techniques to how I help my portfolio companies.

I'll provide more extensive content later to help people understand how this works. But until then, I'll propose deals here and talk directly to any syndicate member that's interested to help them through underwriting.


My deal flow will come from being widely known & visible as a Boston-area mentor / investor.

Since 2020 Q4, I've been an active angel investor and advisor to Boston-area tech startups. I've acquired this reputation through being "all-in" on two accelerators: Techstars Boston and MassChallenge (Boston and wider), plus my ~20 investments. I give lots of workshops on finding problem/solution fit, hiring, and go-to-market in the city.

These activities mean I speak to 5-10 new startups per week. I see at least 50% of the deals that happen in Boston - whether I invest or not.

But, that was all focused on traditional (Note/SAFE) investing. Starting in January 2020, I'm providing content via my Medium page to create a new vocabulary & awareness around Revenue-Based Financing. Watch for more content on a re-launched personal website later in 2020. I hope to be a go-to source for RBF-seeking founders on the east coast.

Jay Batson
JAB Ventures. Mentor-in-Residence at TechStars Boston Founding CEO @acquia (acq Vista) Founder & CEO @pingtel (acq Nortel) VP Engineering @on-technology (IPO)
Acquired in 2019
Acquired by Allscripts in 2016
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We invest in early-stage startups and arrange financing for growth companies.
Jay is a no BS advisor who doesn't sugar-coat anything. As a startup CEO with a million things going on, a guy like Jay is invaluable. He tells you where you suck and where you don't. He helps you improve at your weaknesses, and he is 100% loyal and on your side. Any entrepreneur would be...more
Jordan Fliegel
Founder of a company Jay Batson advised
Jay has an amazing spirit of entrepreneurship. With his experience in building successful companies, teams and communities he is an endless source of inspiration for us.
Jay is an excellent advisor and investor. As the CEO of an early stage company, I find significant value in discussing strategy and operations with Jay. Jay is always generous with his time and is especially helpful in thinking through B2B sales. Finally beyond the wealth of experience of...more
Jay asks all the right questions and is very knowledgeable. I am excited to have him come on board as an investor. Plus he is a great DJ!
Jay is a an extremely creative thinker with the ability to clearly articulate a vision and a strategy to execute on it.
Bruce Sachs
For Jay Batson's work at Pingtel
Jay is a rare breed. There aren't many people with his level of experience that can match his eagerness to help and energy to do so. HelmetHub has benefitted most from Jay's management experiences, but he's also helped us think about engineering, marketing, sales, and fundraising....more
Jay is a focused, insightful and highly experienced executive and mentor with a profound understanding of what it takes to build a company. He has a unique ability to ask the right questions at each stage, and is generous with his time, ideas and network. Last but not least, he has a great sense...more
Jay is a fantastic partner to have in the early stages of a company, whether that's as an investor or advisor. Building Acquia into the Drupal powerhouse that it is today did not happen by mistake; Jay has a unique perspective to help early stage entrepreneurs think about B2B and large-scale...more
Jay is an entrepreneur and that is the primary reason he is a great asset as an advisor & investor. He offers expertise and guidance in the areas he's strongest. He won't waste your time (or his) in the areas he thinks others can be more helpful. He's incredibly proactive with...more
Jay has been a great investor to work with. He has leveraged his vast network to make key intro's for us and support our growth.
Jay Singh
For Jay Batson's investment at ViralGains
Absolutely love working with Jay because he is straightforward and helps keep us on track. He provides a great balanced perspective so you always come out of conversations ready for anything.
Zac Sheffer
For Jay Batson's work with Elsen
Jay is a deeply insightful and thoughtful person. He has been critical in forcing us to think about our company in ways we would have likely delayed for months or never considered them at all! You know Jay is giving you good advice when you start getting nervous about how he will finish his...more
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