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I'm a founder, podcaster, former journalist and prolific angel. I've backed 50 startups and one of them turned into a unicorn (uber). A bunch of others are doing well, so I started an angel fund called the LAUNCH Fund. The Launch Fund closed at $10m and is going to invest in 100 startups over the next three years. We will try and find another couple of Uber's and have a lot of fun founding awesome startups.

If a founder allows us, we will syndicate their deal here on AngelList.

Angel investing is really hard, but I love doing it. I love founders and innovation, and I think with a lot of hard work and consistency we will have a solid return.

However, angel investing should never be more than 1% of your total portfolio/networth... so please act responsibly and only back at a level that you can afford to lose--because we are going to be swinging for the fences with my syndicate!

If we have a large enough allocation and the founder(s) feel AngelList is the right platform for them, we share the deal.
Jacqui Deegan
Executive Producer @ LAUNCH, This Week in Startups. Four-time National Emmy winner; produce and write for television, radio, online, multimedia projects
Jason Demant
Managing Director @LAUNCH | Previous: Founder/CEO @Bento, CEO @LAUNCH & @TWiStartups. Entrepreneur & Business Development -- I GSD.
Ashley Whitehurst
Energetic & detail-oriented operations professional w/ experience in office & team management & HR administration.
Jason Calacanis
Investor in 150 startups, including & Thumbtack (first rounds).
Acquired by Apple in 2014
Acquired by Yahoo for $1.1B in 2013
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Dave Morin
Scott and Cyan Banister
Seed investors; Founder @IronPort @Topsy; Board Member @PayPal @Postmates
Ben Smith
Investor, Advisor to and Founder of Technology Businesses
Rich Levandov
Partner at @Avalon Ventures; Co-founder @Phoenix Technologies (PTEC); Vice President at America Online
Maneesh Arora
CEO & Co-founder @MightyText. Product @Lyft, @Zynga, @Google (PM on Consumer, Ads; Founders Award). b4:Enterprise software. CS degree @University Of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) #PRODUCTBUILDER
Jeremy Levine
Founder/CEO @DRAFT. Investor in 40+ startups.
Roy Rodenstein
Investor Crashlytics (acq. Twitter), Rapportive (acq. LinkedIn). CEO TrueLens, co-founder (acq. AOL), co-founder Hacker Angels. MIT Media Lab '00.
Jason’s great. He’s smart, well connected and always willing to help. You won’t find anyone with more startup experience. We’re lucky to have him involved.
Stuart Wall
Founder of a company Jason Calacanis invested in
Quick and to the point. Helluva connector!
Kyle Henderson
Founder of a company Jason Calacanis advised
Super knowledgable, connected, smart, passionate and caring.
Craig Kanarick
Founder of a company Jason Calacanis invested in
To be a part of Jason's Launch Festival (and at zero cost) is both a privilege and a humbling experience. I am very impressed with the scale, professionalism and the integrity of this event. The community needs more people like Jason.
Ilya Eckstein
Founder of a company Jason Calacanis took an intro to
Jason understood and believed in what we were doing very early on and said, "I want to help you raise money, I want to invest, and I'd like to advise," and then followed through on all those things. His early recommendations on AngelList made it easy to find the right investors and...more
Alen Peacock
Founder of a company Jason Calacanis advised
Jason adds tremendous value as an advisor to my startup. He has Incisive, genuine insight and perspective into all the challenges of running and growing a business through the lifecycle. He is frank and brutally honest (even when it hurts) but at his core he is incredibly optimistic and kind....more
Alex Elias
Founder of a company Jason Calacanis advised
Sometimes the toughest thing for first time entrepreneurs is to open enough doors to get your idea off the ground. Having Jason on our side opened hundreds of doors all at once. Above his network he is authentic and holds great empathy for founders and startup teams. We are happy to have him on...more
Clint Gordon-Carroll
Founder of a company Jason Calacanis advised
He is the guy to know.
John Maloney
Founder of a company Jason Calacanis took an intro to
Jason has been a huge fan and supporter of 15Five from the start. Pitching at LAUCH in 2012 was one of the best moves we could have made after which he offered to advise and invest. Since then he's added more value than all of our advisors, not the least of which included getting us some...more
David Hassell
Founder of a company Jason Calacanis invested in
I've never met Jason in person ... but I religiously listen to his TWiST episodes and I feel like he's the inadventent virtual advisory board member to every entrepreneur who pays attention. Jason's insights and the knowledge he elicits from guests has been more helpful to me than...more
A supreme marketer who's been helping the industry as a whole grow through relentless pitching and promoting. Jason is, put quite simply, one of the top boosters of technology and any startup lucky enough to get him as an advisor will see explosive user growth as a result.
Jason is that visionary entrepreneur that is born once in a century. If you think that I’m just trying to flatter him, just keep on reading… I first met Jason in 1999 (through Xeni Jardin) during one of his Silicon Valley Reporter VC conferences in Santa Monica. He was at the top of his game, but...more
Jason is a passionate supporter and a great ally to have on your side. His vocal advocacy really helped increased visibility for our startup. My recommendation to entrepreneurs - grab an opportunity to work with Jason!

When we were thinking of potential board members for Dyn, we wanted someone smart, disruptive, creative and entrepreneur/founder centric. Jason more than checked all those boxes and he's been a thrill to work with.
Jason is an amazing investor to have on your side. A force of nature who goes to war for his founders and companies. Superb, no BS advice. Super useful introductions. On-point product and strategy advice. It's difficult to imagine him being more helpful.
Jason was our most prominent early angel investor. Were it not for him Thumbtack probably wouldn't exist today.

He recognized our potential earlier than virtually anyone else. He saw the opportunity better than others and saw that the founders, though first-timers, were smart and had...more
Totally recommend Jason. He says it like it is and he can give advice like no other, since he's been through many cycles, scenarios, challenges, etc.
Jason has delivered real value for Thumbtack as an angel investor. He introduced us to Sequoia (who later invested), helped us get exposure through TWIST and the launch conference, and has always been available to provide specific advice when something comes up. You couldn't ask for more!
Jason is a great investor, who is very pro entrepreneur. He was incredibly helpful promoting Backupify back when we were just getting off the ground.
Network and experience
John Battelle
For Jason Calacanis's work with NewCo
Jason is the one of the world's preeminent angel investors. His devotion to the startup community is unparalleled and having him in your corner means that he believes not just in your product, but you as a person.
Jill Bourque
For Jason Calacanis's investment at RushTix
Jason is an amazing investor, advisor, mentor and friend. Any company would be very fortunate to have him on their side!
Jordan Stone
For Jason Calacanis's investment at Huckle
Jason was our very first investor at Connect after winning LAUNCH Festival 2014. He is deeply passionate about empowering founders to create companies that solve problems that matter. Jason is simply inspiring to be around. I love the mission he is on to enable entrepreneurs and founders....more
Jason was one of our most helpful investors at Rapportive. Would work with him again in a heartbeat!
Rahul Vohra
For Jason Calacanis's investment at Superhuman
Jason is one of the most passionate and thoughtful startup investors I have ever met. He leaves it all on the field every single time. If my back is ever against the wall, I want Jason working with me, which is why I chose him as an investor in One Drop. Seriously, one of the best choices I ever...more
Jeff Dachis
For Jason Calacanis's investment at One Drop
Incredibly smart, helpful and motivating. Tells it like it is and not how you want it to be, but he helps you get to the latter.
Steve Brumwell
For Jason Calacanis's investment at Clect - Collect Together
A tremendous mentor, coach, advocate, evangelist and all-around great guy. Can teach anyone at any stage how to improve from day 1 of interaction!
Nishant Garg
For Jason Calacanis's investment at Flow Labs
Jason immediately grasped the product and made a number of great suggestions in terms of usability and design. Additionally Jason has been instrumental in helping shaping how we pitch the product to consumers and investors alike.
Chris Hayes
For Jason Calacanis's investment at Guardian Circle
Jason brings a perspective and network that is second to none.
Aaron Holm
For Jason Calacanis's work with Blokable
We couldn't pass up the opportunity to work with Jason through the LAUNCH Incubator. He has so much expertise to share both as an investor and entrepreneur.

Also, few people are more connected in the Bay Area than Jason and graciously shares those connections and opens doors that emerging...more
Rachel Zeldin
For Jason Calacanis's investment at Funerals360
Jason is awesome, and him and his syndicate have changed the game for startups.
Chase Nobles
For Jason Calacanis's investment at Kush Marketplace
Jason has unprecedented knowledge in the space and is willing to go above and beyond to help his portfolio companies succeed. Great guy.
Matt Boney
For Jason Calacanis's investment at Daycation
I know Jason for over a year and he's a hard working individual that gets things done he's a dedicated father that always become successful with what ever he gets his hands on.
Jason knows how to quickly pivot to make his startups succeed!
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