Jasko Mahmutovic

CEO @surveylegend. Ranked nr:14 Swedish web entrepreneur 2011. Strong business and leader skills. I love start-ups and the operantly to change industries.

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What I Do

Love starting companies that solve problems for various markets and customer-groups. When starting a company i focus on low cash burn, innovation, customer and the customers customer. One thing i like to stress is: I don't create company environments i create FAMILY and TEAM environments.


Ranked nr:14 Swedish web entrepreneur 2011. Top 12 business plan 2011, over 940 business-plans competed. Strong business and leader skills.

I was at seedcamp with my company, by then we had burned $ 18 000 dollars. Here comes the accomplishment; we where there with a company that had burned $ 1.4 million dollars.

I have a saying "we take a dollar and press it till it comes a drop of a 100 dollar bill".

What I'm Looking For

We are looking for an Investor that have experience and love for SaaS industry, as we :)

We are looking for some one to share our vision: "Bringing joy to survey creating and responding"