Jan Uetz Ayacaba Ondo

Global ICT Executive | Chief Information & Technology Officer | General Manager | Entrepreneur

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What I Do

- Built and lead an Internet startup from inception to scale over 7 years. Focus was B2B and B2C content management systems and SaaS platforms.
- Highly successful leadership track record building and mentoring high-performing engineering,technical support and consulting teams.
- Spearheaded and led SaaS platform, software development and IT transformation initiatives for global corporations and brands.
- Extensive professional cross-cultural experience working with teams and clients in Far East and low-cost countries including India, Philippines, Japan, Eastern Europe and South America, ensuring follow-the-sun service delivery and accustomed to working across different time zones.
- Expert C-level advisor and top tier management executive, highly skilled at communications and negotiation with pragmatic and integrative leadership style.
- Proven executive leader in organizational right-sizing, lean management and scaling.

What I'm Looking For

I’m seeking to join a technology focused small to mid-size company for a fixed or interim senior executive role. I am also open to consulting and coaching opportunities for growing startups.