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We have been active angel investors in the technology space over the last twenty years, investing recently in startups such as Shyp, Luxe, Buddy Media (sold to, Ticketfly, (sold to Pandora), and 30+ more. Additionally, we are both seasoned entrepreneurs that have built several companies.

The syndicate plans on investing in startups in the virtual reality space. The virtual reality sector is a potential trillion dollar market with opportunities in gaming, audio, cameras, social, healthcare, commerce, haptic, 3D lenses, entertainment, etc. We will be investing with every single deal.

We are not the only ones to think this obviously. In the past year, Google, Apple, Facebook, Qualcomm, Sony, Microsoft, Disney, and every other major technology company has made significant investments in the sector.

And while it's still inning one, the consumers are noticing. The first version of the Oculus Rift (sold with the Samsung S7) sold out in 48 hours, with 200,000 developers already registered to develop applications for it. Goldman Sachs estimates the revenues in the market could be as high as $182 billion by 2025.

Throw on any reasonable technology multiple to that and it's the next trillion dollar market after the Internet in the 90s and mobile / app store over the past decade.

We will be looking at several filters on every company:

  • How will the company fit our diversification over the virtual reality sector?
  • Is the CEO a seasoned technologist and entrepreneur?
  • We will look for co-investors also seasoned in the sector.

We will provide quarterly updates on both the sector and the companies we invest in.


We will syndicate all virtual reality deals where we can get an allocation for the syndicate.

Dawn Casey-Rowe
Evolve VC
James Altucher
Investor in @buddy-media, @ticketfly.
Kamal Ravikant
Seed Fund
Partner at Evolve VC
Rick Marini
3x Founder. Named "Top 50 Angel" by Forbes. Angel in 50 co's incl 8 unicorns: @snapchat @opendoor @reddit @pax-labs @poshmark @grovecollab @outreach @bakkt-1
Kevin Moore
Leeroy Jenkins of angels. Former tech i-banker, corp dev, CFO. @university-of-southern-california +250 portfolio >>
Jason Calacanis
Investor in 150 startups, including & Thumbtack (first rounds).
Amitt Mahajan
Co-founder/CTO, @rare-bits; Managing Partner, @presence-capital; Co-creator, FarmVille; Investor in @airtable, @oyo-rooms, @flipkart, @uber + many others
Can help with
“Growth & marketing strategy, VC intros, potential hire intros”
Justin Waldron
co-founder @zynga (nasdaq: znga)
Sundeep Ahuja
I've led 100+ Syndicates incl @mosaic @good-eggs @sandboxvr @notable-labs @livelyhsa @lus-brands; 3x Founder; Author; BS CS Stanford.
Jeff Morris Jr.
Founder & Investor @chapter-one-ventures. Former VP of Product, Revenue @tinder. Led revenue team to #1 top grossing app.
Kai Gradert
Previously @angellist @producthunt @adobe @lightroom @google
Can help with
“Over a decade experience in product and UX design. I can help help with product guidance, UX feedback and team mentoring.”
What can I say he is James Altucher, he is kind, he is honest, he is my mentor and best friend. His work for Gocella as an investor, adviser and Board Member is priceless as he helps everyday position Gocella for market, growth and exit.
Brian Rice
For James Altucher's investment at Gocella

He is very helpful, he cares about the entrepreneur and the companies he invests in, advice he gives, books he writes and honesty he delivers.
Can't recommend Kamal as an advisor enough. I've asked him to help on two companies I've worked on, because of several reasons:

1. He knows pretty much everyone in the Valley.
2. He has extensive SaaS experience
3. He's a great product guy.
4. He knows how to build companies...more
Tucker Max
For Kamal Ravikant's work with Scribe Media
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