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Most of my investing is through my fund so my activity is not fully reflected on this page. I do occasional syndicates on Angellist. If you have interest in investing in future funds, feel free to connect and will reach out when I raise the next fund.


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Jake Seid
Previously President, Grew it into largest online marketplace for real estate transactions. Previously MD Lightspeed Venture Partners
Acquired by Broadcom for $123M in 2010
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Vasu Kulkarni
Founder / CEO of @krossover , Managing Partner @courtside-ventures
Gokul Rajaram
DoorDash. Past: Square, Facebook, Google.
Tyler Willis
Founder of @unsupervisedai — Investor in companies like @lyft, @patreon & @lambda-school.
Can help with
“I founded one of the top companies in the AI space and was exceptionally early (founding employee) at two successful startups — where I ran marketing,...more
Armando Biondi
Cofounder & COO @adespresso, acquired by @hootsuite in Feb 2017. Angel investor in 100+ startups. Guest Contributor, former Radio Speaker, proud #500strong
Stefano Bernardi
Planet+ investor
Rob Ness
GP at Asymmetry Ventures. Obsessively hunts the world's best startups. Had a blast @harvard-university, @berkeley.
Taro Fukuyama
CEO and Founder of Fond (YC W12).
Bruno D.V. Marino
CEO, Founder, @planetary Emissions Management, @planetalphaforest, @harvard (NASA Goddard Fellowship), @johns Hopkins University, @phillips Academy Andover
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