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London · Full Time

At JAAK we're connecting media companies and creators using decentralised technology (Ethereum, Smart Contracts, Swarm, etc.) to reduce the friction of moving payments and data around a global, but fragmented industry.

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Job Description

Data Engineer

At JAAK we're building tools and infrastructure to support a global, decentralised database to record and track intellectual property.

Common infrastructure enables a new approach: simplifying content licensing on the web, unlocking a world of new content experiences, and revealing previously untapped opportunities for the content industries - we call it Smart Content.

We are leveraging revolutionary blockchain technologies such as Ethereum, Swarm and TrueBit to build a truly open and transparent environment which will empower creative industries.

We're looking for a talented data engineer who will perform expert analysis of the variety of data sources in our decentralised data economy and use industry best practices to design and implement formal ontologies to help improve the efficiency and accuracy of identifying rights holders and their intellectual property.

- Experience with Big Data querying and visualisation
- Good knowledge of distributed systems design
- Programming experience (one or more of Go, Python, Java, C++)
- Experience working with and contributing to open source tools


Weekly team meals.
Conference travel budget.

Location and Travel
- Permanent. London.
- Starting immediately.

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What We're Building

JAAK connects media to metadata as it travels through the supply chain to the consumer. This reduces complexity and inefficiency in the supply chain, enabling a frictionless, real-time transfer of payments and usage data between media companies and creators.

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