Ivan Mazour

CEO of @Ometria, Founding Partner at @Innova Kapital , founder of 7 companies in total, early stage technology investor, Cambridge mathematician and data scientist

Confirmed Investments · Invests £50k per deal
What I Do

Ivan Mazour is a Russian-born London-based serial entrepreneur. He is the CEO and Founder of @Ometria - an ecommerce analytics tech company, and the Founding Partner of @Innova Kapital, with 15 investments in tech startups. He is also an author, blogger and public speaker.


A Cambridge-educated mathematician and data scientist, Ivan Mazour has built 7 companies over the past 12 years. Still running three previous ones, his main role currently is CEO of Ometria, a software company with an analytics platform for online retailers.

He has both a mathematics degree, and an economics degree, and taught himself to code at a young age.

He has written and published a number of books, on non-technology subjects, with the latest one "Russian Convoys - Memories of the Heart" being about the lend-lease programme during WW2.

He blogs about technology, entrepreneurship, investment and life hacking on his blog - http://www.ivanmazour.com