Jobs at Iterable

Growth Marketing Platform by Ex-Twitter, Google team. $23M Series B led by Index Ventures.

Our mission is to bring the growth marketing tools built at places like Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest to all B2C marketers. The lifeblood of B2C businesses is user growth. Determining the best message to send, on the best device, at the right time is key to growing a user base and engaging them. It's a problem that's easy to state but really hard to solve in a general and scalable way and with a simple user experience. Read More

What We're Building

Iterable gives B2C marketers the ability to send the right message, to the right device, at the right time. We provide sophisticated tools to do segmentation, workflow design, a/b testing and much more, all scaling to hundreds of millions of users across all marketing channels.

Leveraging our experience working at leading tech companies like Twitter (growth team) and Google, we've built a dream platform that seamlessly integrates, email, mobile push notifications, SMS, advertising and all other relevant channels into a marketer-friendly automation platform.

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Jobs at Iterable

Iterable Team

Andrew Boni
Co-founder at @Iterable; Ex @Google; Stints at @Gigaom & @True Ventures; Business, CS, & IS at @Boston College
Justin Zhu
Co-founder & CEO of @Iterable. Ex @Twitter engineer on Growth & API. Stint at @Google. CS @Carnegie Mellon University.
David Rangel
Kernel Studio at Google AI/Brain Previously: COO @Iterable, COO @Corona Labs, Founder/CEO of @Daily Gourmet, Corporate Strategy at @Microsoft.
Jeeyun Kim
Co-founder of @Apteligent (formerly Crittercism) Designs and builds web apps.
girish sastry
Engineering @Iterable. Previously Ads Infrastructure and Growth @Twitter, @yale CS.
Joshua Wong
Full-stack Software Engineer | JavaScript, React, AngularJS, Node/Express, MongoDB, MySQL, RESTful APIs | University of Southern California
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