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Mobile magazines with Shoppable Stories (Angelpad #5)

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What We're Building

Issue stands for mobile magazines with shoppable stories. Unlike existing tools, it's more lightweight, open and social By Design.

Issue brings beautiful mobile publishing, e-commerce integration and powerful distribution into one solution
for new class of content creators, from one-person media outlet to major retail brands.

- Reach a new audience on mobile
- Write & Publish, bike Blogging
- Curate existing content
- integrate with e-commerce.

Add testimonials, product launches, and photos that highlight your company

Jobs at Issue

Issue Team

Taylor Luk
Founder of @Issue • ANU '06 • @AngelPad Alum • Product Design & Strategy for Startups & Corps, Previously, bootstrapped site to 0.5M daily hits in a year.
Mark Guo
Mobile/Ruby Engineer at @Issue , Agile developer @Idealian, Final Year Thesis showcased for eLearning mobile App @UNSW 2011
Khoa Nguyen
Big data guy @Issue, agile engineer @Idealian indexed voluminous sports betting data, played with humongous financial data on HPC platform @SIRCA, @UNSW 2005

Issue Investors

Carine Magescas
French. Founder and General Partner @AngelPad. Artist/Photographer with Gallery Representation in the US and in Europe.
Thomas Korte
Now: Founder of @AngelPad, Before: @Google Product Manager. Investor in 150 companies -
Imanuel Ross
Entrepreneur, Advisor, Investor, Advertising Account Manager.

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