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YC-Backed, Robust Collision Avoidance Systems for Industrial Drones

Robotics, computer vision, deep learning, and drones on a fast growing Silicon Valley-based team of experts from NASA and Boeing? Hit the apply button fast!

What We're Building

Iris Automation is a SF-based, Y-Combinator backed company with a team from NASA, Boeing, and PhDs in computer vision building an AI-based collision avoidance system for industrial drones. Because of regulation, every drone needs what we're building to fly completely autonomously - a $2B opportunity.

We have paying customers, are actively involved in regulation, and have collected a massive amount of validation and training data that is growing every day!

Read more about us in TechCrunch:

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Jobs at Iris Automation

Iris Automation Team

Alexander Harmsen
CEO and Co-Founder at Iris Automation Inc, a YC-backed startup building the future through collision avoidance systems for industrial drones!
James Howard
Co-Founder at Iris Automation, Mechatronics Engineer, embedded and autonomous systems enthusiast, building the future today.
Alejandro Galindo
Computer Vision R&D. PhD in Computer Vision obtained at the INRIA labs in France. I'm currently R&D director @Iris Automation
Aaron Bailey
Adaptable leader, problem-solver. Highly skilled at corporate mgmt, growth strategy, policy lobbying, technical comms. Interested in fast-moving opportunities.
Eric Schafer
Graphics and vision systems software engineer with experience ranging from movie visual effects to spacecraft vision systems
Somik Ghosh
I like to flip bits. But sometimes they get flipped by themselves. Then I have to debug why they got flipped without me telling them to.
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Iris Automation Investors

Jeremy Yap
i'm just happy to be here
Immad Akhund
Now: CEO, Founder @Mercury & seed investor, Was: PT Partner @Y Combinator, Founder @Heyzap (Acquired). Investor: @NURX, @Rappi, @Embark, @Atrium 50+
Kevin Moore
Leeroy Jenkins of angels. Former tech i-banker, corp dev, CFO. @University of Southern California
Andrea Zurek
Founding Partner, XG Ventures. Investor in 95+ companies.
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