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Turning experience into better medicine.

We're a small team of engineers, designers and health care experts building tools to help consumers make better decisions about medications. We also help the FDA with their data and recently launched openFDA ( Many of us are from Google, where we built Flu Trends, Correlate, Public Data Explorer and Web Search.

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What We're Building

Iodine is a new kind of healthcare company on a mission to improve medicine by helping people find what works best for them. We believe in the power of design and technology to make complicated decisions clearer, and in the power of people to make good decisions.

We turn experience into better medicine.

Iodine addresses a massive market opportunity: The $300 billion in waste and failure in matching people with a medical treatment that will work best for them. Our online resources help people evaluate their options and make good decisions. And our START mobile app is a game-changer, helping people take their depression medications, track their condition, and in so doing learn whether their medication is working for them.

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iodine Team

Thomas Goetz
Co-founder: Iodine. EIR: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Previously exec editor: WIRED. Author: The Remedy (Apr 2014).
Matt Mohebbi
Co-founder: iodine. Former @Google Software Engineer (2004-2013). Co-founder: Google Flu Trends. Lead: Google Correlate. Software Engineer: Google Consumer Surveys.
Russell Power
Ex-Google Engineer. Co-founder at Cuil. PhD/Bum for 4 years. Now at iodine!
Michael Schultz
Designer at Iodine. Front-end designer/developer background as well as advertising and sales experience in specialty healthcare markets.

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