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Content Writer at Investopad

Delhi, Bengaluru · Full Time
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Job Summary :
Content Writers at Investopad are responsible for the public persona and brand of the company. Passionate about writing meanwhile having a deep interest in tech and the Indian startup ecosystem, we are looking for someone to bring out Investopad’s coveted personality.

What you’ll do :
- Create and execute relevant and engaging content that promotes the Investopad brand and keep it consistent
- Develop and deliver compelling and engaging campaigns and daily content on all social media platforms
- Analyze data & engagement and interpret it into actionable insights
- Develop long-term social strategy with a focus on content quality
- Occasionally create email campaigns and notices to current Investopad members

What you’ll need to do it :
- The ability to execute ideas with limited supervision
- Have an understanding of the startup ecosystem
- The ability to efficiently craft prose that is simple, elegant and engaging
- Incredible attention to detail and intolerance for errors
- Ability to collaborate on ideas
- Creativity and drive for experimentation. You like coming up with new ideas and testing out different approaches, and you learn from data before you try something new.
- Comfort working with huge degrees of uncertainty. Our ideas frequently fail, and we have to start over from scratch, so being able to thrive in uncertainty and keep pushing for improvement is vital.
- Be capable of internalizing the company’s goals and prioritizing your time based on the things that will yield the highest reward - even if it means saying no to something that seems more exciting.
- Be capable of grasping Investopad’s brand and separating it from your personal views and persona.
- Great sense of humor
- Design skills is a plus

What we’re offering:
- The opportunity to execute and grow into a strategically important role
- Complete ownership and a chance to eventually build a team
- Exposure to the startup ecosystem and access to networks
- The opportunity to learn about many different verticals

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Investopad is an early stage tech incubator and seed fund. Serving as a startup’s extended team, Investopad dedicates resources in Design, Digital Marketing and Recruitment, and unlocks intimate access to powerful communities of founders, investors and industry leaders. The aim is to invest in passionate entrepreneurs who are determined to build tech that shapes the future.

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