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Jobs at Investereum

We bridge the Blockchain knowledge gap

Join an amazing Blockchain start-up and help businesses to use Blockchain the right way.

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What We're Building

Many executives heard about Blockchain, but have no idea how to use it in their advantage. Is it for cost reduction, business model innovation or improved transparency? Investereum bridges the Blockchain knowledge gap for these businesses. In a first phase we look into the Blockchain opportunity for the business and design a solution that is just right for them. In a second phase we build a proof of concept or an end to end implementation, depending on the customer’s specific needs - this includes ICO's.

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Jobs at Investereum

Investereum Team

Pieter Aertgeerts
Founder Investereum, Founder and Go-to-Market Manager at Telenet. I consider myself a digital first strategic marketeer.
Gianni Brisson
Product manager, Blockchain Evangelist, Strategy Consultant, Managing Director, Sales Manager