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A Talent Enablement Platform. For a better performance management and working experience.

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What We're Building

Intuo is a Talent Enablement Platform.

Intuo helps organisations to become more human-centric and focuses on facilitating onboarding, coaching, and retaining their best talent. Empowering employees, creating trustworthy relationships, and maintaining a performant and attractive company culture are its focus.

Feature-wise, we offer:

• Guided Coaching Conversations
• Transparent & Agile Objectives
• Requesting and giving 360° Feedback
• Easy Onboarding & Learning Management
• Company-wide Engagement Surveys

Intuo gives insight into which talents fill in what role in your strategy. This allows you to give your employees more ownership over their growth and career, which translates into better engagement, happiness, and retention.

But what intuo does best is helping you to coach them to a more productive and motivated state. Helping your people to succeed every day is no small feat, but with intuo you will be able to turn it into a manageable routine.

That's a promise.

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Jobs at intuo

intuo Team

Tim Clauwaert
Founder Intuo • Worked at @Quintiles • Studied at @University Of Ghent
Gilles Mattelin
Founded Intuo
Philip De Smedt
Full-stack developer (Rails/JS/EmberJS); founded @intuo
Jorn Vanysacker
CMO at @intuo, former co-founder @rendeevoo , design thinker, generally pretty awesome
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