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Would you like to work at the forefront of consumer mobile technology? Would you like to work with some of the brightest minds? Would you like to build something that everyone around you uses on a daily basis? If the answer is YES to ALL 3 QUESTIONS then you should come join us! Read More
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Job Description

Responsible for the entire backend for InTouchApp. Help us scale from a million to a billion, while maintaining sub ms latency. In short, you will be responsible for the heart of InTouchApp beating at all times. If this gets your adrenaline going, apply!

Ideal candidate:

3+ years experience working on backend stack

Expertise required in:
- Django / Python
- Apache / Nginx, etc.
- Building high-performance restful http APIs
- MySQL / PostgreSQL
- NoSQL (any)

Should have worked on:
- Large databases (preferably billion+ rows)
- Scaling / partitioning databases
- Schema changes for large databases
- Handling millions of API calls daily
- Handling millions of page views daily
- Performance optimization
- Setup of CDN, DNS, etc.
- System monitoring / analysis

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What We're Building

Today, our most important "real world" social network resides in our "phone contacts". Our phones have become "smart" phones, but our phonebook is still old school. We manage our contacts the same way we did 20 years ago!

InTouchApp is re-thinking Contacts! We makes your phonebook "smart":

- Creates a single, clean contact list that is free of duplicates, automatically
- Helps you organize your contacts into lists, and stay organized over time
- Lets you share contacts with others, enabling people to find the right contact at the right time
- Keeps contact information up-to-date, ensuring you always have the correct information
- Solves the age old problem of business cards by letting you network with digital business cards
- Hassle free, painless phone switch with no loss of data or functionality

Here is what we have achieved in a short time span:

- Over 2 million downloads globally
- Managing over a billion contacts
- Rated over 4.5 stars
- Android, iOS, BB, Windows

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