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An outbound automation platform that finds contact information and sends email sequences

Interseller combines the prospecting and outreach into one streamlined product that is used by great companies like Squarespace, Foursquare & Compass. Our founding team is an amazing group of engineers that have built companies from the ground up that have grown to billion dollar plus valuations. Read More
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What We're Building

Interseller combines each step of an outbound process into one simple tool. Find new prospects using our chrome extension and add contacts directly into email campaigns. Email campaigns will send direct 1 on 1 personalized emails to each contact along with any scheduled follow-ups. All contacts and email activity are then synced over to your connected CRM or ATS service.

Interseller is perfect for:
- Outbound Sales
- Recruiting
- Business Development
- Fund Raising
- Journalists Outreach

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Interseller Team

Steven Lu
Software Engineer. Founder @Interseller. Previously @Abacus @Compass.
Jonathan Grana
Founder of @Interseller • Early engineer at @Compass • Full stack Engineer
Steven Brady
Bay Area born, Brooklyn based. SaaS sales in NYC startups 4 years. Consultative and solutions based sales.