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InternMatch Jobs : Screenshot
InternMatch Jobs : Screenshot
InternMatch Jobs : Screenshot
InternMatch Jobs : Screenshot
Andrew Maguire
Chief Executive Officer at @InternMatch
Nathan Parcells
Chief Marketing Officer

InternMatch is a jobs marketplace with discovery and personalization at its core. The 1st part of our solution is an algorithm that analyzes and learns from our rich data set. The 2nd part is the “Campus Hub” – a profile that empowers employers to differentiate brand identity via rich content like video, photos, social, etc. Job seekers are given great matches and provided deep insight into every work environment they explore. We take a vertical approach, starting with the college market.

San Francisco
1-10 employees
$1.2M Seed in 2012
$500k Seed in 2011
$400k Seed in 2011
Education, Social Recruiting, Recruiting, College Recruiting

InternMatch Jobs

Full-stack Ruby on Rails Developer
$100K – $140K Salary
0.025% – 0.2% Equity
Full Time · San Francisco


Roger Dickey
Roger Dickey
Mafia Wars founder ( @Zynga ), Investor & advisor (30+ companies)
ecomom, Humanoid (Acquired by CloudFactory), InternMatch, Wanderfly, Vulcun, Wanelo, RolePoint, DotCloud, Facebook, E la Carte, Chirply, Addepar, Spool,, ClassDojo,, Wanderable, CarWoo!, Lookcraft, iCracked, PublikDemand, Campanja, OpenGov, RedHotLabs, Savannah Fund, Tiger Global, OKpanda, Caffeinated Capital, Formation | 8, SpoonRocket
Matt Ocko
Matt Ocko
Investor for 20 years in teams (@Zynga, XenSource/CTRX @Facebook, Datamirror/IBM, Fortinet/FTNT, Tango, @Metaweb, D-Wave) solving hard problems for large markets.
Appstores, Ostrovok, AppFog, CrowdMob, InternMatch, GAIN Fitness, Impermium, FlashSoft, ionGrid, Bullpen Capital, GreenGoose, Suddenly Social, drchrono, Chartboost, AngelList, Iron, Cloudability, Zeel Networks, Eventley, Jetlore, Redbooth (formerly Teambox), Modria, Kaggle, Locu, BranchOut, TapSense, Chartio, Vurb, Freshplum, Keen IO, Origami Labs (acquired by eFamily), RolePoint, ShopLogic, DotCloud, Matterport, MixRank, Nimble, Bitdeli, CircleCI, MindSumo, Retrofit, Flotype, Facebook, Zynga, Wavii (acquired by Google), VMware, Aggregate Knowledge, Fortinet, NorthScale, NeuStar, Market6, Apprenda, Krux Digital, Metaweb, Cotendo, Instart, Zeel, On Ramp Wireless, Tactus Technology, Javelin Semiconductor, Talaria, Weotta, Prismatic, Genome Compiler, Platfora, Parse, On-Ramp Wireless, XenSource, D-Wave Systems, Spool,, Tightdb, CloudPhysics, Betable, SnapVolumes, KENSHOO, Cambrian Genomics, Continuuity, PandoMedia, Exec, Pushpins, ZenPayroll,, Living Social, Game Cl, Socialcam, Spreadtru, Akimbi, LendUp, Solidstage, Swiftype, Prisma, Saasbee, Teradici, Virtuata, Rescale, SlidePay, Apcera, RedHotLabs, BackOps, Midverse Studios, Virool, Heyday, Hangtime, Trifacta, SRCH2, Instart Logic, Periscope, DOX, Sentinel Labs, Amplitude, Kurbo Health, AppZero
Social Leverage
Early stage seed investment fund
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Kapor Capital
investing in positive social impact startups
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Zac Zeitlin
Zac Zeitlin
New Ground Ventures
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