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What We're Building

Instavest is a network where people post their stock market trades and then other investors can copy those trades for a portion of the profits.

We allow domain experts to monetize their investment strategies and bring the concept of "carried interest" to retail investors

Customers receive notifications from lead investors and can choose to opt in / out of an investment at anytime.

Instavest has real investments - not investment ideas.

Instavest Adviser, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor with the SEC.

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Instavest Team

Saleem S. Khatri
CEO, Instavest. Ex-Auto Bailout at US Department of Treasury. Goldman Sachs, Oaktree. HBS.
Zain A
Zain A ,
Former software engineer at Braintree, Locu, and Invitae.

Instavest Investors

Garrett Koehn
President CRC in San Francisco, Partner @Batchery, Insurance, Financial, Markets, Intellectual Property @Brown University @IE Business School
Wei Guo
very very active investor.
Matt Cheng
Founding Partner @Cherubic Ventures . China's top 40 under 40 early-stage investor by @Cyzone. Early Investor/CSO @TianGe(1980:HK), @ChineseAll(300364:SZ).
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