Jobs at Instalocate

AI powered personal travel assistant to make your travel worry free

Join Instalocate, if you want to
- be part of the company that will revolutionize the way billions of people travel.
- be part of AI revolution.
- be part of the team who have worked with rocket scientists, e-commerce veterans, database gurus or search engine experts

What We're Building

We predict that the future will be full of AI assistants who will automate our day-to-day activities like predicting health, scheduling meetings or managing our travel. At Instalocate, we are building a network of AI assistants for your travel. Our mission is to modernize the travel-day experience using a group of AI assistants. We are combining the power of machine learning, Internet of Moving Things and modern interfaces such as conversational UI and voice to reduce your travel anxiety.

Convert your flight delays into money. Get compensation from the airlines!
Instalocate assistant is available within Facebook Messenger -
Track your flight in real time!
Add testimonials, product launches, and photos that highlight your company

Jobs at Instalocate

Instalocate Team

Ankur Jain
Modernizing travel experiences using Artificial Intelligence. Started @WalmartLabs & built award winning products at @Kosmix. @Stanford University & @MIT
Pallavi Jain
Co-founder Instalocate, an AI powered personal travel assistant which converts flight delays into "free" money.

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