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Job Description

We are looking for a very talented User Interface designer to work closely with our design and product testing teams from our San Francisco office to design our mobile application. As our UI designer, you will be working closely with the community manager to design features requested by swimmers, and oversee the developers' implementation.

You will be responsible for:

- Taking stated business requirements, identify the users' real root problems, and design UIs that solve them.
- Crafting elegant and useful interfaces that will engage swimmers and provide insightful value.
- Creating wireframes, work flows, prototypes, envision edge-cases, and articulate why some solutions are better than others.
- Designing consistent high-quality, elegant solutions to complex UI problems across multiple devices.
- Creating & implement product styleguides and technical design documentation.
- Elevating and maintain the Instabeat aesthetics, standards and brand integrity.

Technical Requirements:

- Exceptional attention to details and visual form.
- Fluency in best practices for mobile and web-based design, as well as strong knowledge of information architecture.
- Mastery of the tools you use to create your designs.
- Advanced knowledge of rapid prototyping tools, such as InVision, or Flinto.
- Working knowledge of Interactive or motion design, a plus.
- Understanding of the technical development process, or ability to code, a plus.

We are a growing company and culture is very important to us. We are all about health, sports, quantified self, human centered design, product testing and short feedback loops, and this is why it is essential to us that:

- You are comfortable with uncertainty, last minute decisions/changes/travels, long working hours that are prominent in the challenging but oh so exciting startup life.
- You are comfortable with speaking up your mind, you are honest and upfront with our team members and customers during the good and bad times.
- You are a hands-on person and are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.
- You are a big believer in the quantified self movement and are excited to be at the forefront of the swimming tech revolution!
- You are not afraid of water: you comfortable with swimming at least 1 stroke and will jump in the pool to test any new release.

What we need:

- Bachelors BS or MS in any of the following: Interaction Design, Visual Design, Graphic Design and/or related fields, a plus.
- 1+ years of UI or Visual Product Design experience for web and mobile applications.
- Experience in connected devices, sensors or wearables is a strong plus.

What you get:

- Competitive salary + options.
- Health Insurance.
- Gym membership- swimming is part of the job!
- Super fun and dynamic team to work with, rockstar engineers, designers and swimmers.
- Flexible working hours.
- All the tools needed to excel in your position
- Fun office in a coworking space in Downtown Beirut

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What We're Building

Instabeat is a revolutionary goggle-mounted sensor product that enhances swimming performance in real time and gives users insights after training.Our technologies combine all the relevant swimming parameters (HR, strokes, speed, time) to create a comprehensive breakdown and analysis for active swimmers or their coaches. The product is currently in beta testing with Instabeat’s trusted swim community.

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