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Back-end Team Lead at Insolar

Moscow · Full Time
Insolar’s technology and services will make the world much more efficient, transparent, and connected. We believe that people and companies are stronger when they work together. Read More
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Job Description

Experienced developer team lead with strong technical, algorithmic, system programming skills, understanding of network protocols, p2p networks, distributed systems, cryptography and network security. Understanding base concepts of blockchain technology will be a plus.

Insolar was founded with a rebellious spirit and lofty objective: to transform blockchain technology from a geek’s toy to useful tool for real world applications. We believe that blockchain technology should bring real value beyond the hype. It should create new business opportunities, decrease costs and increase transparency.

Insolar is the next generation high-performance scalable blockchain platform designed with the express purpose to meet an immense business scope. The enterprise-grade distributed ledger cloud platform will help to increase business velocity, create new revenue streams, and reduce cost and risk by securely extending enterprise SaaS and on-premises applications to drive tamper-resistant transactions on a trusted business network.

We value the expansion of the ecosystem which operates across chains, systems, industries and applications. With a range of protocols and modules, data and information will be connected to support various business scenarios. Our goal is to build the underlying blockchain infrastructure to bridge the real world and the distributed digital world.

Develop simple solutions that enable businesses to transact transparently, efficiently and at lower costs using cutting-edge technologies

Become the world’s leading tech company that powers innovative, transparent and efficient business networks

Guide team development efforts towards successful project delivery
Provide technical leadership to teammates through coaching and mentorship
Maintain high standards of software quality within the team by establishing good practices and habits
Design and build compilers and virtual machines for running contracts (Golang, Java, WebAssembly) on our blockchain platform
Contract runtime complexity calculation (similar to Ethereum Gas)
Design and build blockchain platform
Design and build complex applications with an emphasis on performance, scalability, and high-reliability

5+ years of experience in software development
Experience developing compilers, interpreters, virtual machines, application sandboxes, code generators, static code analysers or similar products.
Experience in asynchronous scalable architectures, microservices
Experience building commercial products and services – SAAS, PAAS
Contribution to major language libraries (e.g. STL, Boost) will be a plus

Strong technical skills
Deep knowledge of code compilation process
Expert skills in compiled languages such as Golang, C++, Java etc.
BSc/BA/MS/PhD in Computer Science, Engineering or a related field

Leading aspiring disruptor in enterprise blockchain space with no barriers for innovation
Ability to play key management role at an exciting stage of the company
Competitive pay based on experience + performance-related bonus
Collaborative and high-energy corporate culture
A+ office located in the center of Moscow (Russia)

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What We're Building

Insolar is building an open-source enterprise-grade blockchain platform to enable seamless cross-company interactions and create new growth opportunities. Managing enterprise relationships at growing scale, Insolar connects today’s legacy systems to technologies of tomorrow. We enable businesses to transact seamlessly, swiftly and securely. Our enterprise-grade distributed ledger cloud platform helps to increase business velocity, create new revenue streams, slash cost and risk by securely extending enterprise SaaS and on-premises applications to drive tamper-resistant transactions on a trusted business network.

Insolar developers team (Alexander Orlovsky, Andrey Romantsev, Maria Zubareva, Sergey Morozov)
Peter Fedchenkov (Founder) with John Noble (Director, British Brands Group)
Insolar team
Peter Fedchenkov (Founder) and Dmitry Zhulin (Founder) at DigitalX office in Perth, Australia
Andrey Zhulin (Founder) and Danil Kabanov (Head of Saint Petersburg development center)
Peter Fedchenkov (Founder) presenting on Retail Week 2018 in London
Peter Fedchenkov (Founder)
Insolar developers team (Ivan Shibitov and Anton Alexeev)
Insolar developers team (Yakov Zverev, Andrey Triumfov, Andrey Bronin)
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What is your office environment like?
Dynamic, engaging, supportive
Andrey Zhulin
CEO at Insolar since 2017
How many people are you hiring in the next year?
We plan to hire +30 employees till the end of 2018 and +100 employees in 2019
Andrey Zhulin
CEO at Insolar since 2017