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The best way to learn to code - with a digital mentor!

After the successful launch of 1.0 - The search engine to learn to code - I am now focused on extending InLearnity to the digital mentor for learning to code. Guiding people all the way from getting interested in learning to code, find the best code learning resources and learn by doing / creating concrete projects. Want to join that journey to build the no. 1 code learning platform - and in the future the no. 1 learning platform in the world?
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What We're Building

So many overwhelming ways for learning to code. But your digital mentor will support you - on

Using the three fundaments to become a confident software developer:
- Inspiring
- Learning
- Doing

Start your journey, find all the best code learning resources on one website and learn to code.

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Jobs at InLearnity

InLearnity Team

Marco Bartsch
Focussed on helping people unleash their full potential. Founder @InLearnity & @LifeLearnings & Code for Education
Nick Babyak
Startup catalyst with marketing and operations experience and a passion for education and the environment

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