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Inkshares is a seed-stage startup with a ton of momentum behind it. We've done over a quarter of a million dollars in book pre-sales since launching in January. Our first book, a children's book by Daniel Wallace (best-selling author of Big Fish) was published on November 17th. And we did a little piece on Bloomberg TV about our company, which should give you more insight into who we are. Read More
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What We're Building

Inkshares filters, optimizes, and monetizes content for the $1t global story economy.

Manuscripts are sorted on Inkshares by both crowdfunding and machine-learning algorithms that ingest broader social indicators such as follows, reads, and shares. Where books fund, or where our analytics indicate audience validation, we publish the book in print and digital in North America, simultaneously licensing out the rights in audiobook, foreign language and territory, film, television, merchandise, and other areas. Licensing occurs on Inkshares via our Properties feature, which matches creative executives and acquisitions editors with existing and future Inkshares properties.

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Thaddeus Woodman
Founder & Chief Product Officer @Inkshares - crowdfunded publishing in SF
Avalon Marissa Radys
Reader-driven publishing at Inkshares. Formerly Editor-in-Chief at Umano (Digital & Audio Publishing Platform acquired by DropBox)

Our Investors

Sean Byrnes
CEO @Outlier. Founder of @Flurry (now part of Yahoo!). Active angel and startup advisor.
Zachary Lucido
Geoffrey Bernstein
Co-founder & Managing Partner @Indicator Ventures
Armando Biondi
Cofounder @AdEspresso & 5 tech/non-tech co's before. Angel investor in @Mattermark + 45 startups. Guest Contributor, former Radio Speaker, proud #500strong
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