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Computer Vision Engineer at Infinium Robotics

Singapore, Remote · Full Time
WE at Infinium Robotics, are committed to solving real world problems with robotics solutions. We are an energetic and fun team to be with. We believe that you should enjoy what you do. For us, work is about having fun, being challenged, and finding balance. We define our success based on both the quality of the work we deliver, and the quality of the lives we lead. In our company, we lead fun and fulfilling lives everyday, knowing that our solutions will help make our world a better place for us, our loved ones and our children to live in. Read More

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What We're Building

Infinium Robotics provides autonomous aerial robotics solutions for various commercial applications, with multiple-agent coordination, sense & avoid, obstacle avoidance, machine learning & artificial intelligence technologies.

At Infinium Robotics, we believe that instead of competing with many other drone companies that focuses on outdoors (where regulation is still uncertain), we believe in INDOOR drones where regulation and privacy is not an issue and where we can immediately meet the demand in the market. 

Our patent-pending and proprietary technologies can allow drones to navigate precisely indoors autonomously, and opening up a whole world of industry applications: 
i) Aircraft Body Maintenance Inspection in hangar, 
ii) Inventory Stocktaking in Warehouses and Public Libraries
iii) Ship Tanker internal indoor inspection (some ship oil tankers can be 50 to 60m high)
iv) Restaurant robot waiters
v) Many more....

Target Customers: F&B outlets, Hotels, Warehouses, Factories

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Junyang Woon
Founder Infinium Robotics • Armed Forces Scholar. Studied at Stanford University, USA & University College London, UK.
Dr Jaime Rubio Hervás
Co-founder and CTO at ALAS Vice President at Infinium Robotics Ph.D. by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Nishanth Coimbatore Nagaraj
M.Sc. from NUS; Experienced in development of multirotor drones for various applications from the scratch; Passionate in the field of mechatronics