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Sales Development Associate at inFeedo

Gurgaon · Full Time
WHY? - With A.I. in HR, we're killing it out there: - But with the average age as 25, what's it like to work with us? Read More
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Job Description

We're looking for a Sales Development Associate whose role shall be sales calls/meetings, prospecting and nurturing and get shit done with the Lead at inFeedo. Our ask is a burning desire for scale, relentless passion and a Jordon Belfort (from Wolf of Wall Street) like fearless confident attitude that leaves a lasting impression.

MUST HAVE (0-3 years experience) :
1) Extremely strong communication skills as a speaker
2) Extremely strong email writing skills
3) Outstanding negotiation and persuasion skills
^ Those without these skill sets will not be accepted

1) Schedule qualified product demos with CXO's/Head HR's of corporates for the Sales team (Domestic/International)
2) Support for technical qualification of sales opportunities
3) Collaborate with Marketing and support sales goals to proactively build a pipeline
4) Lead end to end outbound Email Marketing campaigns
5) Nurture leads across channels ie. Email, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.

Kindly apply through

OUR PROMISE: We'll take a quick decision within 15 days of your interview.

PS: You can also refer a friend to us and win Apple airpod if he/she gets hired.

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What We're Building

4 years ago, Tanmaya set out with a mission to make the voice of every employee felt heard and valued.
Today, inFeedo has helped 30000+ employees in 30+ enterprises like GE,MakeMyTrip, Dunkin & Dominos feel valued by launching A.I. in HR to reduce attrition, engage employees and diagnose culture using Predictive People Analytics.

Amber, is our smart A.I. chatbot who can talk to your employees and proactively find those who are unhappy or most likely to leave.:

Watch first 10 companies to have successfully launched A.I. in HR :
Watch investors fight for inFeedo on National TV in India's version of SharkTank:

Some of our clients. Any familiar names?
Introducing A.I. in HR with our latest chat-bot Amber.
That's where we eat, sometimes.
The inFeedo team
One of the occasional mentions in the newspapers.
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