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An A.I. bot that helps HR find employees who are unhappy or about to leave

WHY? - With A.I. in HR, we're killing it out there: - We have some kick ass team members: - But with the average age as 25, what's it like to work with us? Read More
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What We're Building

3.5 years ago, Tanmaya set out with a mission to make the voice of an average employee felt heard. Today, inFeedo has helped 6000+ employees in 15 companies like MakeMyTrip feel valued by providing their HR, actionable intelligence using 3 online platforms.

One of them is an A.I. bot named Amber that chats with employees and helps the HR find those who are unhappy or most likely to leave:

Watch investors fight for inFeedo on National TV in India's version of SharkTank:

That's where we eat, sometimes.
Some of our clients. Any familiar names?
The inFeedo team
One of the occasional mentions in the newspapers.
Introducing A.I. in HR with our latest chat-bot Amber.
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Tanmaya Jain
Founder @inFeedo: The smiling leader of the wolf pack you’ll always find questioning social constructs or the “why” behind your existence.

Nipun Chawla
Full stack Developer working on Node.js and Angular.js
Sandeep Kumar
UI/UX Developer @inFeedo The inhouse foodie who loves to travel to new destinations. His laughter can be heard from a mile away.
Alka Gupta
B.I. Consultant @inFeedo, B.I. @Nearbuy, MSc Entrepreneurship @Babson, Founder @Aura
Kunal Sharma
Growth Marine @inFeedo The daredevil who spent 15 months in Antarctica, once trekked till Mt. Kailash and has plans to visit space.
Akshay Khetrapal
Software Engineer and Digital Marketer @inFeedo The college dropout who straightaway landed in the wolf pack to pursue his passion.
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Our Investors

Ambarish Gupta
CEO and Founder @Knowlarity
Palash Jain
Investor & Analytics @inFeedo , Founder & CEO @Infolona, Ex-Director (Head of India Core Operations) @Google, Ex-Director @sapient 

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