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inFASH is an eCommerce Social App with focus on fashion

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What We're Building

inFASH is an eCommerce Social App that allows any of its users to upload original content, pass it thru a state of the art automated image recognition process that auto define the image items and turn them shoppable.
Each item that will be shopped, will grant them with rewards.

We have a strong believe in blockchain and data privacy and we are building our solution based on it.
We allow our users to decide if they want to expose their data and if they do, they will make money out of it.

We are a startup company located in Tel Aviv and are working on our eco-system for almost a year and we have a few thousand downloads and dozens of daily users without any marketing yet.
Our strong team consists of top notch developers and eCommerce business man and we are ready to concur the 2.2B$ world of Fashion.

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inFASH Team